In Rwanda, “Komera” means “be strong, have courage." Twenty years after the tragic genocide, the women of Rwanda continue to embody this mantra by pursuing their educational, professional and leadership goals against significant obstacles. The non-profit Komera works to empower and support the next generation of females through a comprehensive scholarship program for girls. 

Last year Danielle Redman traveled to Rwanda to meet her scholar. She witnessed the changes that Komera is making in the young girls and their families along with their communities. It is for this reason that Danielle and her friend Kristina Apgar hosted along with IMG models Inga Eiriksdottir, Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring and Julie Henderson, as well as Sabrina Iyadede, Saada Ahmed, Cherie Camacho, Annelise Osborne, Amy D'Annibale, Pamela Keefer and Ali Samadi as co hosts to benefit the girls of Komera on May, 29th at Avenue NYC and raised roughly $50,000.