Stunningly beautiful with a sunny personality to match, Danielle Redman was raised on a small farm in Iowa where she relished in the freedom of riding her horses throughout the countryside. At the age of 14, Danielle began her modeling career and created her own path to freedom and discovery.

Guided by her inner strength and courage, Danielle eventually moved to New York City, a critical step that sated her taste for adventure and need for exploration. As a world traveler, Danielle is on the road more than in her home in NYC, jetting everywhere from Sicily and Cape Town to Tulum and Rwanda. Internationally recognized for her athletic, lithe figure, long blond hair, and brilliant smile, Danielle has worked regularly for Ralph Lauren, Marina Rinaldi, Lands’ End, Macy’s and Schwab, to name a few. She has graced the cover of Inc. and Brides Magazine and showed her fit curves for Tommy Hilfiger, Izod, Bloomingdale’s and Koton. Danielle has walked numerous Elena Miro’s shows during Milan Fashion Week, and has been featured during New York Fashion Week in The Lake and Stars presentation, along with Joy Cioci. With the growing focus today in the plus size and in-between modeling world, Danielle has captured the attention of vogue.it, cosmopolitan.com, Refinery 29, Huffington Post, Self Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Australian Cosmopolitan, and Woman’s Fitness Australia.

A self described “tomboy” who understands and appreciates her feminine self, Danielle is also a former high school all star basketball player who played volleyball, softball and ran track. She has always believed that true beauty is evident in one’s character and should be re-defined according to culture, intelligence and kindness. Additionally, Danielle was previously a co-host on Rush HD’s Ski P.I.G and Snow Pig game shows.

In addition to modeling, Danielle is an aspiring photographer, enthusiastic outdoorswoman and athlete, and enjoys horticulture and horseback riding. She also has a penchant for volunteering and raising awareness for women affected by domestic violence, and other women in need. In 2012, Danielle joined KOMERA, an international organization dedicated to providing young women in rural Rwanda with educational opportunities for economic and social growth and empowerment.